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People keep asking us: “How do you make this great stuff?”

Naturally, when a unique new product works as well as Furtilizer, people want to know everything about it, including how it’s made. Of course, we can’t divulge the exact recipe or process, but we can give enough information to show you we take this business seriously — perhaps a little too seriously!

Someday you might even encounter someone who claims to have a natural plant food derived from the goodness of rabbit droppings. Rest assured, whatever they have, it’s not Furtilizer! We invented the process, we put in the years of research and process development, and we are the only company with the technical knowledge to make the best natural rabbit-based plant food.


Rabbits are Lagomorphs, and they eat copious quantities of green foliage, grains, bark, and other vegetable matter. What goes in must come out! That’s pretty simple, but it means that our first concern is controlling what goes into our rabbits in the first place.

Most domestic rabbits are fed commercial rabbit pellets that contain ingredients to make rabbits grow faster and build bone quickly. This is great if you are raising rabbits for meat, fur, or pets, but it has terrible consequences if you are making a concentrated liquid plant food from rabbit droppings. Rabbit pellet feed typically contains molasses, salt, choline chloride, artificial flavors, and many other things you probably don’t want to use on your plants in a concentrated form.

As we discovered, manufacturing a quality liquid plant food from the natural goodness of rabbit droppings requires extensive feed research, specially formulated feed, a controlled feeding schedule, and innovative technology.

Quality Control

One challenge we faced was finding a way to collect rabbit droppings before they become contaminated by urine, dirt, and other undesirable substances. Simply allowing droppings to fall to the ground or into a pan is unacceptable, because it causes degradation of the plant food source. Through trial and error, we developed a system to collect the droppings before they become contaminated.

It’s The Water!

All liquid plant food contains water. If that water isn’t pure, the plant food is compromised. Government “experts” tell us that tap water is safe, but why do so many people buy bottled water or use additional filters? We feel average tap water is simply not suitable for a quality liquid plant food. Do you really want to pour chlorine, trace metals, and who-knows-what on your precious plants? We use only pure Willamette Valley spring water to make Furtilizer.

New Technology

Since we pioneered this business, we had to invent our own technology. A major challenge was to find a way to destroy potentially harmful bacteria, naturally found in rabbit droppings, without also destroying the beneficial natural micro-nutrients. Sterilization is easy, but it sacrifices too much for Furtilizer.

We solar “bake” the rabbit droppings used in making Furtilizer at predetermined temperatures for precise times, not only to neutralize potentially harmful bacteria, but to also remove all offensive odors. The rabbit droppings are then pulverized into a fine powder and filtered through an almost never-ending series of metal, nylon, and natural fiber meshes.

After much time and effort, we invented an ingenious hot-and-cold emulsification process that “pulls out” the beneficial micro-growth nutrients from the powder. This is followed with a labor-intensive, 12 step “drip” process to liquefy these essential growth nutrients. From this we create a super-concentrated formula that is so powerful it will burn plants if it is not precisely diluted. However, once correctly diluted, this concentrate becomes a potent natural plant food so mild that you can use it on your most delicate seedlings!

The Furtilizer manufacturing process literally goes on and on. But you can see from the information we can reveal that the manufacturing process is precise and innovative. It is more complicated and labor intensive than most people would ever imagine.

We leave nothing to chance. We don’t pre-brew in behemoth vats and stockpile in dingy warehouses. Each bottle of Furtilizer is freshly brewed and bottled by hand the old fashioned way — one bottle at a time. To help save our precious natural resources, we use bottles made only from recycled plastics. There is simply no other way of doing it right. And, there is no other product like Furtilizer!

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